Traditional Timber Frame Trusses

Timber Frame Trusses are a structural framework of timbers designed and engineered to provide support for the roof and bridge the space above rooms. Trusses usually occur at regular intervals, linked by longitudinal timbers such as purlins.Westminster Hall

There are many different styles of Timber Frame Trusses available. At Pacific Timberworks we custom design and built specifically to fit your needs using traditional, handcrafted joinery’s.

Decorative or structural trusses can be used in roof overhangs in your house gables, support your entrance or porch covers’s. They can also highlight the interior of your house wherever there is a vaulted, cathedral ceiling. Timber Frame trusses can be entirely structural as part of an overall, self-supporting Timber Frame, or integrated into what is known as a “Hybrid” structure.

Scissor TrussScissor Truss

Without a bottom chord, to create a more cathedral and lifted appearance, this type of truss utilizes a pair of angled chords that half-lap in center and support the rafters. Adding a King post whose end can be cut onto the bottom chords or run through, allowing for various end details. Due to the pair of angled timbers, this truss is better suited for roof pitches not lower than 30 degrees (about 6/12).

Common TrussCommon Truss

Two principal rafter of equal length connected by a bottom chord creating a simple triangle. The common truss represents the most basic load-bearing truss.

King Post TrussKing Post Truss

With rafters and bottom chord based on the principals of the Common Truss, a vertical King Post is added. This truss layout allows for different design details such as adding diagonal struts and curved bottom chords. The King Post Truss is also very effective in combination with a ridge beam, purlins and rafters creating a more European style appearance.

A timber frame pergola or gazebos is an affordable way to add a timber element to your home or office. We design, build and install all our projects.


Queen Post TrussQueen Post Truss

Quite similar in design as the King Post Truss but with 2 vertical Queen Post, the Queen Post Truss is able to span large horizontal distances. Having the ability to add more connections, curved and decorative elements, this truss can add more style to your project. Timber frame carports in a range of sizes and styles offer a functional yet aesthetically pleasing structure.

Hammer-Beam TrussHammer Beam Truss

Rather then a closed truss like the King and Queen Post Trusses are with their bottom chords, the Hammer Beam Truss is designed as an open truss. The Hammer Beam Truss consists of two principal rafters, hammer beams, hammer posts and collars as well as struts and brackets. Depending on the distance to span, the Hammer Beam Truss can be designed as single Hammer Beam or double Hammer Beam Truss. With a clear span of 20.8 meters (68 ft. 4 in.), the roof of Westminster Hall (link to image)(1395–1399) is a fine example of a Hammer Beam Truss roof.


Barrel TrussBarrel Truss

The Barrel Truss creates the illusion of a perfectly round semi-circle by incorporating short curved timbers.

Parallel TrussParallel Truss

With the top and bottom chord running parallel to each other, a Parallel Truss (also known as a Bridge Truss) is a classic truss design and very useful in spanning long distances carrying great loads. Optional we can provide the bottom chord arched made from timber sections cut between the vertical post or created as a single, continues laminated unit.

Project Gallery

See some samples of how a truss can change and enhance the look of your home.