Sunroom Systems

We offer four types of Sunroom Systems, all of which have certain benefits depending upon their application and your requirements. We can help you decide which system is best for you.

sunrooms by pacific timberworksWood Sunrooms

Throughout the last century wood has proven to be one of the most important commodities in construction and is by far the most ecological building material.

But wood has even more to offer:

  • Wood provides an optimum indoor climate
  • Wood has a balancing effect on indoor air and humidity
  • Wood has the best insulating qualities and saves energy
  • Timber prevents static electricity
  • Wood is CO² neutral
  • Wood is active environmental protection

We generally provide the wooden structural components of our sunrooms in Douglas-fir. At the customers wish, we are able to supply many types of wood such as spruce, pine, cedar, oak, mahogany, walnut or cherry.


Our Wood-Aluminum sunrooms combine the natural comfort and warmth of a wooden interior with weather-proof and maintenance free aluminum exterior. A Wood-Aluminum Sunroom offers almost unlimited possibilities in architecture and design to meet your personal preferences.

Wood-Aluminum Sunrooms – Natural on the Inside

Our thermally separated wood-aluminum system with inner supporting framework as a mullion-transom structural system is made entirely of almost knot free glulam. Glulam has a much higher structural capacity than standard lumber and also guarantees dimensional stability and reduced checking.

Wood-Aluminum Sunrooms – Weatherproof on the Outside

Our facade and roof system offers outstanding technical and visual solutions with very slender, delicate, and even symmetrical sections as well as maximum security and functionality, even for complex projects.

Our dry-glazing system is placed in front of the structural framework. EPDM sealing profiles (attached to the wooden structure) have integrated drainage and ventilation channels, joint and corner profiles overlap and are glued together which offers an absolutely water and air-tight system.

Glass panels (triple glazing for sunrooms built to passive house standards) are then placed on the sealing profiles and fitted with special mounts and seals. Ventilated aluminum profiles ensures optimal isothermal flow. The isothermal flow is largely responsible for the durability of your sunroom by separating the different materials and avoiding problems such as condensation. This produces a durable, completely weather-proof and easy to clean structure.

All aluminum profiles can be colored according to your wishes in an anodized or powder coated (RAL color chart).

GLASS-WIGA_PRE-FAB-150x150Pre-fab Sunroom

Since all of the components, including pre-installed glazing, shading and the floor system are fitted in our workshop prior to shipping, the installation time of your pre-fab sunroom is usually no longer than a day. The entire unit is shipped and installed on site using a mobile crane to lift it onto the prepared foundation.

Project2-150x150Passive House

Passive-house standard sunroom.