Locating your Sunroom

NSTAR-150x150Natural light and heat are the primary influences on the climate and atmosphere of a sunroom. A close examination of the proposed site is essential to determine the best angles of sunshine into the house as this tempers the atmosphere of your winter garden in the summer and in winter. Not least, the position of your sunroom will also depend on local conditions such as location of the property, border distance, interiors and paths in and out of your garden ares.

North Facing Sunroom Location

A room oriented to the north fills the room, throughout the day, with a steady light ideal for office and work spaces, but has the lowest thermal energy value and is available all year round only with a full-fledged heating system.

South Facing Sunroom Location

A wintergarden aligned to the south will allow you to enjoy the most sunshine hours. In conjunction with East or West, the sunshine hours are extended even more. This offers the installation of photovoltaic – or solar technology for your energy supply.

East Facing Sunroom Location

Ideal for early risers, a brightly lit room especially at breakfast time, is the advantage of an east-facing sunroom. Already comfortable and warm in the morning, during the course of the afternoon you can take advantage of the pleasant residual heat.

West Facing Sunroom Location

The west-facing conservatory is for the afternoon and evening sun, both illuminated and warming. The stored thermal energy is often enough for the night.