Shading in Sunrooms

A house with an integrated sunroom brings in plenty of light and helps save heating costs in the cold winter months because it is heated so quickly by the sunshine.
However, it is possible to reach indoor temperatures of 60 – 80 ° C in direct sunlight. To avoid these extremes we recommend natural vegetation inside and out. But if that is out of the question, our sunrooms have plenty of options for you to work with shading systems. In general, we distinguish between natural and technological shading:


Natural Shading

natural sunroom shadingThose who love plants and would like dedicated their regular care should opt for the most beautiful type of shading.

Technical Shading


Interior Shading

SUNROOM INTERIOR SHADING_1The interior shading is not exposed to the elements and therefore has a long life. However, the radiant heat can penetrate into the sunroom and must be removed through ventilation openings.

Exterior Shading

SUNROOM_EXTR. SHADINGThe most efficient form of sunroom shading is external sun protection such as awnings, external blinds or shutters.
Exterior shades are electronically controlled by sensors, timers, thermostats, etc Installing these on the outside of structure blocks out the suns rays before they get inside