Heating and Cooling

Sunroom Heating & Cooling

Due to its high proportion of glass, a Sunroom has less thermal mass than a normal living space, it heats up faster but it cools faster too, so if you intend to use the space year round, an adequate heating and cooling system is mandatory.


Floor Convector

WIGA HEATING 2Integrated floor convectors can be used to heat a sunroom which are generally placed in front of the glass structure. The heated air rises along the glass walls and creates a pleasant air circulation in the sunroom – the so-called convection.

Infloor Heat

INFLOOR HEATINGIn-floor heating creates comforting radiant heat. Enjoy your sunroom especially when it’s cold and windy outside. In most cases, an In-floor heating system in sunrooms is not sufficient and should be planned as an addition to a primary heating system.

Geothermal heat pump

The geothermal heat pump extracts the heat from the earth and uses it to heat and/or pre-heating your home and domestic hot water.

The advantage of geothermal energy is the constant temperature of the earth – 8-15 ° C – even in winter.

These relatively high temperatures lead to significantly higher efficiency in the system, which can bring heating bills down significantly. In addition, your home can be cooled in summer using this technology with little effort.


Schematic representations of heat pumps with:

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Heat collectors erdwaermekollektoren


The following chart shows the annual heating expenses for a heat pump compared to conventional heating systems.

annual operating costs of sunroom