Sunroom Equipment

Sunrooms can incorporate many systems.

From cooling and heating, to screening, lighting and ventilation, thoughtful planning and preparation can make your sunroom a year round retreat.


Heating & Cooling

erdwaermekollektorenSunrooms have less thermal mass than normal living spaces. They heat up faster but cool faster too, so if you intend to use the space year round, an adequate heating and cooling system is mandatory.

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Control Panels

sunroom control panelA weather sensitive sunroom technique takes complete control of your sunroom. The sunroom-control system responds to all external influences and regulates the indoor climate for you.
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POLLEN SCHUTZWith pollen screens, you can effectively protect against excessive pollen exposure in indoor air. Insect screens have a preventive effect – without any chemicals!
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sylvania-cfl-bulbAmbient lighting, task lighting, accent lighting; which do you need?
Lighting sets the stage for your sunroom so thoughtful planning is critical.

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Plants in your Sunroom

plants in your sunroomFrom the early planning stage, plant lovers should think about what type of plants they want to incorporate. Tropical plants such as ferns, orchids and ficus species, require a different climate than subtropical plants such as citrus fruits and palm trees.

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VENT INSIDEGood ventilation is essential to a comfortable indoor climate in your sunroom.
Careful planning of the ventilation depends above all during the summer months.

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SUNROOM INTERIOR SHADING_1A house with an integrated sunroom brings in plenty of light and helps save heating costs in the cold winter months because it is heated so quickly by the sunshine.

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