Custom Staircases

“Staircases are a very complicated undertaking requiring experience and craftsmanship.”

BOGENTREPPE_6As an artisan based company, Pacific Timberworks deals with the manufacturing of wooden stairs in all variations. Whether as stringer, floating, cantilever, curved, or spiral staircase, we create unique items of the highest quality, using state of the art technology tailored to your specific needs and expectations.

3D Staircase Design

Use our sample staircase designs to help you with the planning and decision making of  your new staircase. Our design service can generate a realistic 3D representation of your stairs, allowing you to see how they will look, feel, and connect the different living spaces in your home.


Basic Staircase Models


Stringer Staircase

pacific timberworks stringer staircase
Without a doubt the all time classic of staircase types. Whether as straight flight or as a winder.

Most stringer staircases run in a so-called “open” design that is, without risers between the treads. This lets the light through and gives a very spacious appearance.

Closed stringer staircase have an imposing appearance and an advantage in large, bright rooms. The resulting space under the stairs can be used in different ways such as an additional storage room.


Winder Staircase

pacific timberworks spiral staircase
The most elegant, masterful staircase to link two floors.

Whether in a U-shape or as a wide curve, whether classically styled or a modern reduction, this staircase always creates an extravagant atmosphere in the room. It is recommended, especially when not only the function, but in particular where a striking visual element is desired.

Curved stairs can be carried out as both stringer stairs and as a self supporting staircase. In either case, they are a visual masterpiece of craftsmanship.

Floating Staircase

pacific timberworks floating staircase design
Floating stairs work without a free stringer or totally without stringers. This open design looks very light and transparent.

Structurally, this is possible because special brackets can be built into a wall or they can be suspended freely from the handrail, that is, the balusters take on the load of the stairs and pass them on to the supporting handrail and the special rubber mounts of the individual steps make a particularly good sound insulator.

Walking on these stairs is very quiet and easy on the joints.

Spiral Staircase

pacific timberworks spiral staircase design
Spiral staircases are a real eye catcher especially if they are free-standing in the room. In the design and material selection, the individual possibilities are endless.

Carriers are attached around the central column and no walls are necessary so they can be located almost anywhere in your home. Here, the combination of wood and metal is very popular and give the characteristics of a modern spiral staircase.

Spiral staircases can occupy a space as small as 1.6 m in diameter but for a truly comfortable stairwell we recommend a minimum diameter of 2.10 m.

Steel Stringer Staircase

pacific timberworks flatsteel and wood staircase design
Steel stringers are always eye-catching and provide for imaginative designs ideas. The combination of steel panels and treads, made of wood, steel or glass, give them an exceptionally modern and light character.

The design possibilities are at least as varied as with conventional wood stairs. Steel stringer stairs can be manufactured for almost all stairs and floor plans.

Cantilevered Staircase

pacific timberworks cantilevered staircase design
The strikingly minimalist aspect of a cantilevered staircase is sure to give the enduring appeal of modern architecture without stringers distracting the attention.

The treads project from a bearing wall without additional support. Typically low riser heights and frameless glass balustrades result in a clean, timeless geometry that will naturally draw the eye.

Spacesaver Staircase

pacific timberworks space-saver staircase design
Space PTW is the right place to go if you have a tight spot, a low traffic area or would like to develop an attic space.

Through special design tricks these wonderful stairs are still safe to walk on. Its principle is based on reciprocal wedge-shaped or curved exhibited levels, which can save space on one side and zoom across the width of the tread.

Spacesaver are made to individual room conditions according to size and are available in straight or winder shape.


Staircase work includes:

  • Design
  • Specification
  • Manufacture
  • Installation
  • Certification

We also include:

  • Construction drawings
  • A detailed breakdown of costs for components
  • 3D CAD drawings for visualization and presentation

How we work

We use a simple method; you supply us with your specifications and based on your wishes and according to your instructions, we do the rest.

Pacific Timberworks does the supply and installation work ourselves, without sub-contractors, throughout Canada and internationally so you can feel confident in the outcome of your project.