Your Own Wood

Your Own Wood

Build your House with your own Wood


OWN WOODWhen building your own home, using wood from your own trees is likely the best choice.

Everyone taking this option has the satisfaction of knowing where the building material came from. The economical aspect can also be beneficial (even when your wood is not of the highest quality).

Upon request, we would be more than happy to help you from the beginning. Depending on your location, we would assist you in finding a local and qualified saw mill to cut, dry and plane the raw wood to our specifications. The boards would then be delivered to our workshop where we sort and test them according to your expectations and our quality standards. Subsequently, the boards go through our production process and are manufactured into “Purewood Structural Panels” (PSPs), ready to be shipped and installed at your construction site.

Pacific Timberworks advocates handling nature responsibly and fully supports your decision to use wood from your own timber source to build your home.