Wind and Air tight

Wind and Air tight

Wind & Airproofing are important aspects of creating healthy and energy efficient buildings.


The windproofing occurs on the outside, the airproofing on the inside of the building envelope.



Besides protecting the thermal insulation from exposure to outdoor elements like rain and snow, windproofing is an important aspect of creating an energy efficient building. For example allowing cold wind to penetrate into the wall and roof structure has the effect of cooling down and reducing the thermal performance of the insulation forcing your heating system to struggle to maintain a constant level of warmth.





Building Wind and Air tight with Purewood Structural Panels

WALL BUILD UP T&GWind and Airproofing of our Purewood Structural Panels is created through a minimum of 3 layers of dimensional lumber with tongue and groove connections. The wall areas are completely wind and air tight without compromising the hygroscopic and permeable properties of the wood. The very labour intensive  and costly procedure of sealing-off of exterior walls and roof areas with poly is not required.